Thomas A. “Tadd” Davis

Code Name: Rogue 2
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Thomas A. “Tadd” Davis entered the hospital the week before Memorial Day 2009, and his health declined quicky after emergency heart surgery. He died June 4, at 5:53 Eastern time at Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis.

Tadd invested a lot of time in Rogue judges, and his personality coloured what Rogue Judges has become today. He grew up in West Lafayette, where he became friends with Roger (our fearless leader) in junior high school. Rogue Judges grew out of Roger Snow, Ron Brown, Rob Hines, and Tadd, running Roger’s homegrown game in Milwaukee. We started with four events, barely sixteen hours of judge time, and have grown from there.

Rogue Judges was something that Tadd loved, as much for the games as for the people he met playing them, there have been more and more each year.

His voice has provided much guidance and vision to our group. We will not be the same without him.