Rogue Judges is partnered with several other organizations in order to bring fun and innovative gaming to conventions.

Core 7 Games
Started by the same founders as Rogue Judges, Rogue Games is still trying to get funding to release their first game Conquest of the StarLords.

Alleged Enterprises
Started by a pair of professional game designers (Unlike Core 7 Games above) this company has agreed to partner with Rogue Judges in part because their off beat games pair up so well with the mentality of the Rogue Judges. Plus we love their games.

Starwind Design
This embroidery company is owned by fellow Rogue Judge Bob Cahill. It specializes in fantasy artwork and produces a fine line of dice bags. They are also responsible for all of our lovely embroidered judge shirts.

Wingspan Games
Wingspan Games is made up of Todd “Bogie” Bogenrief and a circle of good friends who have helped and supported along the way. They have now partnered with Rogue Judges to run thier new game Favored of Zeus.