Julie Truesdell

Code Name: Former Token Female, AKA Jubi
Location: Wisconsin, AKA The Northern Wilds

Julie was originally raised by wolves in the wilds of Wisconsin. It is rumors that she was abandoned by gypsies who foretold her future and wanted nothing to do with it. When she was eventually found by authorities it took years to break her of her feral ways. Her wild side could not be trained entirely though and she can still be found occasionally riding motorcycles in her spare time.

In order to pay back her debt to society she decided to pass on her years of wisdom of surviving in the wild and decided to teach fragile young minds the ways of the world. There is still some debate about the wisdom of this but Wisconsin sets its own rules. In order to make ends meet with her teaching salary Julie also had to take a second job bartending. Originally applying to Coyote Ugly, she was turned away not for her looks or bartending skill but her perverse attraction to geeks and nerds. She eventually found a bar that was willing to accept her for who she was.

One day while riding her motorcycle around after getting off from the bar she nearly ran into a band of roving “vampires” in Milwaukee. They explained to her that she had stumbled upon a thing called Gen Con. Julie wandered into the building late at night and stumbled across an auction. There the folks lead in part by a man from the north woods who understood her wild ways and took her in and accepted her as one of them. She soon became hooked on this strange collection of geeks and nerds and decided to stick around where she would be worshiped as one of the few and elite “hot gamer girls.”

One year as she wandered the Con looking for things to do she stumbled across the Rogue Judges and Roger. They begin talking and next thing you know Julie had foolishly offered to help Roger edit his rule book for Conquest of the StarLords. Next thing she knew Roger had worked his magic on her and she was lured away from the auction and adopted as the token female judge for Rogue Judges. While she eventually lost her status as the only female judge, she saw it as an opportunity teach the other gamer girls her wild ways.