Jeff Sorensen

Jeff SorensenLocation: Ames, Iowa
User Name: DelugeIA

Jeff Sorensen joined Rogue Judges in August of 2009 after frequenting pestering the other judges for the few years previous.  He is also currently responsible for the website.

Jeff is an avid board game player with a particular interest in traditional German board games like Settlers of Catan and Agricola; as well as old-school Avalon Hill games like King Maker and Advanced Civilization (not the Sid Meier’s version).  You can check out his board game collection on

Also an avid Dungeons & Dragons fan, Jeff has played every version of the game back to 1st Edition “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.”  He currently DMs a regular weekly group, happily addicted to 4e.  He proudly embraces the titles of “The Obsessive Compulsive Dungeon Master” and NeoGrognard.

When not playing board games or D&D, Jeff makes a living working for Iowa State University managing a top-notch team of web developers.